The Inner Landscape of Our Souls…

“Songs succeed Sighs……In the wise arrangement of the Covenant of Grace…we are inseparably connected with the passage of the Wilderness.”

This month of June, we welcome the Cape winter in all its glory! It is indeed a time for cocooning – for warm fires, red wine, the company of our loved ones, and our pets curled up on our laps.

As a magpie of all sorts, the above mentioned single line, from a small, 200 year old little treasured book of mine, and these glorious photos, hold the inspiration for this month. You will spot many of my collections in our photoshoots, not only the Antique Jewels & crystal formations, but especially my small books – they always have a place of pride – within their covers lies a magic…words crafted and woven and wisdoms that cling to my Soul…

These photos were taken on a dear friend Bernard B’s glorious farm in the Greyton/Riviersonderend Mountains. They evoke warm memories of strolls and fires and being in the company of great Men.

And the deep longing for those that have passed on. Their rich amber and russet tones, the leaves falling – evoke such deep gratitude of a season passed, where we could overcome our trials and crown our glory in many ways – and now… we get to rest… and get ready for the soon to come rebirth of buds pushing and blooms.

An excitement already fills my chest as I get ready for my annual travels mid-June, exploring and sourcing items, resting in the presence of Mother Nature, and having my family in my arms.

May you also surrender to your Heart space this June. And find the Words in your own Inner Landscape more precious than Jewels.

With much love

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