The Benefits of Collecting Antique Jewellery

“I have a deeply hidden and inarticulate desire for something beyond the daily life…”

 – Virginia Woolf

No, Not just given to the wiles of the heart… You may be a RARE collector….a purpose driven collector …or a novice in the field…a bit dubious due to lack of information or expertise…

Here, at 1077Atelier, we apply a multitude of professional industry evaluation techniques, and go through a detailed process of gemology evaluation, inspection, certification, cleaning and restoration, ensuring pieces are brought to their rightful lustre. All our Antique Jewellery & Collectable pieces come with the piece of mind of timeous love, care and presentation, assuring our Clients peace of mind!

In brief, we aim to encourage you and invite you into our circle of shared experiences, joys of collecting and if needed, provide a guiding hand in your selection processes- both here on our 1077Atelier site, or out there, collecting….

Antique Jewellery is typically regarded as Jewellery that is over 100 years old and remains a valuable and fascinating field of collecting.
Collectors can enjoy the beauty, rarity, and craftsmanship of old Jewellery, as well as the historical and cultural significance of each piece. At 1077Atelier, it is the Provenance, or story, attached to each piece, as well as the intricacy of design and value, that has had us enamored for decades!

Here are some of the financial and personal considerations for the aspiring or novice collector:

  • Valuable! Antique Jewellery is often in high demand and low supply, which makes it more desirable! It has intrinsic value, aesthetic appeal and is an art form in its own right… is made of high-quality materials and gemstones that have lasting beauty and durability…


  • Unique! Collecting antique Jewellery allows you to own pieces that are one-of-a-kind and mostly rare, as they were often hand-made or custom-made by skilled artisans. It reflects the styles and trends of different eras and regions, giving you a diverse and eclectic collection. You can also express your personal style and taste by choosing pieces that suit your preferences and express your individuality.


  • Sustainable! Collecting antique Jewellery is an eco-friendly way of enjoying Jewellery, as it reduces the demand for new mining and production of precious metals and gemstones. Antique Jewellery preserves the heritage and craftsmanship of the past, which would otherwise be lost or forgotten.


  • More authentic! Collecting antique Jewellery gives you the opportunity to own pieces that are genuine and original, as they have not been altered or enhanced by modern techniques. Antique pieces have a natural patina and wear that adds to its charm and character. Gold becomes buttery in its gleam, silver acquires an age old darkened and oxidized patina (this is easy to clean off..)
    Taking the time to investigate the provenance and history of each piece, may greatly increase its value and significance.

Questions often asked are “where do I even start?” At today’s traded value of precious metals like Gold, Platinum and Diamonds, this decision seems daunting.

However, there is so much on offer out there, you are bound to find an affordable passion as a start. Silver remains affordable and collectable, and suits most skin tones- and once you identify your period of interest, you will be surprised at the incredible array out there! Good places to start are always Markets, second hand or antique stores, or online! For the novice, handling a piece may offer greater piece of mind, where the more established collector readily identifies what they are seeking online!

Don’t shy away of asking as many questions as you want, read up and compare!

Remember in collecting Gold Jewellery, the Karat weight or purity of the gold, determines the price!

May you enjoy your foray into our antique world….

Love and Blessings

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